1. Training is R500.00 per person per workshop where group size is 10 persons. This amount excludes parts kits that may be required to build out the robot, or complete an exercise. Private tuition can also be arranged at R500 per hour.

[By way of comparison I am currently paying R300.00 for one hour of extra maths tuition for my 14 year old daughter who is in Grade 9]

2. Duration of a training workshop is approximately two-and-a-half hours, closer to three hours including pack-up time, etc. For training workshops to be economically viable 8-10 participants are required.

3. If you have set up a robotics club, or if you represent a school, a two-and-a-half hour training workshop is R1,450.00 per session excluding the electronics and robotics kits that may be required. This offer is conditional on you being the principal person responsible for your club or school, and making payment in full minimum of one week before the scheduled workshop.

4. Workshops are either morning [AM] from 09h00-12h00 with a 30 minute break at 10h30 or afternoon [PM] from 13h00-16h00 with a 30 minute break at 15h00.

5. The group training charge above can be divided across a group, which results in a lower cost per person with bigger groups, however bear in mind that although the cost per person may be lower progress with larger groups will be slower because the teacher-to-participant ratio is higher so while it may be tempting to create larger groups to lower the cost it can also be counterproductive.

6. Groups are currently limited to a maximum of 10 trainees as that is the maximum number of trainees that our current facility can accommodate.

7. You may want us to present training in your facility, which we would be delighted to do, and your facility may be able to accommodate larger numbers of participants but bear in mind there will be additional charges as we will have to hire more facilitators for groups larger than 10.

8. Cost of the Starter Robot Parts Kit is R3,450.00 cost of the Starter Tools Kit is R1,890.00 and the various Extension Kits range between R840.00 and R5,875.00 per kit.


To ensure safety and the quality of the learning experience the following rules apply:

1. To prevent bullying and maintain control and safety we train in age categories.

2. Rule number two is that we never break rule number one.

3. Age categories are:

Grade7&8 [age 12-13]

Grade 9&10 [age 14-15]

Grade 11&12 [age 16-18]

College and University Undergraduates [age 19-21]

Adult Education [age 21 +].

4. Parents are often tempted to ignore the rules and "drop" little brothers/sisters into training with older sisters/brothers but we will not permit this and siblings who do not meet the age requirements of a training session will be returned to the care of their parents before the session will begin.

5. RobotScience is NOT a babysitting service so parents and care-givers may not "drop off" their charges at our facility. Parents and responsible persons will remain in attendance at the facility in order to be accessible in the event of a medical emergency, etc. If one of the child's parents are not in attendance, that child will only be permitted to participate if an adult care-giver who has been given decision-making authority by one or both parents is in attendance.

6. Rule #5 applies to all minors under the age of 18 but obviously does not apply in the case of those who have attained legal majority status which in South Africa is age 18+.

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